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I see that i am definetely not the only person to complain about American Leisure, and Easy Saver. in a way it is refreshing, but it *** me off because it shows how much money these a-holes are making off of unsespecting people like us.

I have been being charged 14.95/month twice a month. one from american leisure and the other from easy saver, since september and it is now almost june. i guess no matter how many times i said "no" to subscribing, they still insisted on signing me up.

i managed to complain my way into getting 3 months of my money back, but between jobs with a baby on the way, it is not nearly enough for me. if i continue to be charged, tho they said they cancelled my "subscription", i will be forced to take harsh action against these thieves.

the number i called (which is different fron the one on my bank statemnt) was 1800-444-9491 or 1877-564-8538. good luck with these smooth talkers.

Monetary Loss: $269.

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