Kirksville, Missouri
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I won $5k travel package would arrive in 2-3 weeks, plus $2,000 shopping voucher to use right now, need only voided check for confirmation; give check no.Much later in conversation, asked what bank check is on, then transferred to "certified confirmation officer" who kindly requests the 9 numbers on the lower left hand corner of the check (the bank routing numbers).

This is where I balked and he said there were taxes and fees that needed to be recovered in the amount of 10% of the package and he would be taking "only" that amount.

Told him on limited income and he offered to break it into 2 transfers.Calls like this is why I had all my in-laws mail, etc transferred to my address to protect against these scams.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with American Leisure. The most disappointing about a product or service from American Leisure was careful scamming of bank info Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Hawthorne, California, United States #1348043

It's not winning ***. You have to pay (and mind you they have very flexible payment options that I have availed for) a small amount for a package that is worth thousands.I would avail again next year and try the carribean this time.

New Jersey, United States #1348042

Well, I enjoyed the time on the cruise and my gift card.Thank you American Leisure group for the promo.

I tried calling to thank you in person but the lines were busy.Kudos!


You're all ***!Don't sign or keep clicking on promotional on social media or magazines or email.This is not free!That's why it's called a PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE!

Idiots!If it's free then it's a scam.I have experienced very good customer service and got what I paid for.Get a life!

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1237639

I just got off the phone with them!I really had them going too, lol

I asked if I could send back pot from Jamaica and she said, "of course, but don't get caught!" I almost died laughing!!!

Finally I said my friend just went into labor and I had to go.

They hung up on me!LMBO

Katangawan, South Cotabato, Philippines #1207304

I bought their package, and YOURE wrong , They never said I win, they said Ive been selected because of the form which I DID filled up before. And i just got my travel documents and my gift card which got activated just now so me and my hubby are now planning to take the carnival cruise, just having a hard time choosing the date.

to Anonymous Liverpool, New York, United States #1236483

Speak proper English when you are some *** from a third world country trying to scam hard working Americans like myself

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1195284

they never said win, they said selected, just because you no money to afford a discounted travel package doesn't give you the right to judge people. Move along now!! Go learn your laws and banking laws before judging a company

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #1244157

I was told by my bank that they are a scam.

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